Buenos Aires part 4

November 30, 2018

Our holiday was finished and now we would soon be on our way home. We left early in the morning to get our flight from Trelew to Buenos Aires; it was the only flight of the day because the Aeroparque airport was closed for the G20 summit. So the airport was almost empty, which seemed weird.

The plane left 20 minutes before its scheduled departure time, which has never ever happened to us before. But then we had to wait on the tarmac at Buenos Aires because they weren’t ready for our plane.

We had chosen a hotel near the Ezeiza airport, Hotel Central Plaza Canning, so the taxi ride wasn’t very long. But the taxi driver had trouble finding it because the entrance was at the back of a shopping mall, next to the loading bays. But it was a nice hotel. And the mall had several restaurants so we had lunch at one of them.

There wasn’t much to do within walking distance of the hotel—only a four-story mall—so we stayed in the room and didn’t do much for the afternoon. At 8 pm we went downstairs for dinner; there was an Italian restaurant and its food was very good. It was quite busy, too.

December 1, 2018

Finally we were heading home. Our taxi picked us up at 6 am so we said goodbye to Karen and headed to the airport. The flight to Toronto was fine but we missed our connection there because we had to clear customs. So that meant waiting for the next flight and then arriving home at 1 am the next day. In future we will be sure to leave plenty of connection time when we have to clear customs!

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