Cape Point

Pictures from Cape Point

September 18 Cape Town (Table Mountain, Cape Point)

Cape of Good Hope

The Cape of Good Hope, pictured here, is described as “the most south-western point of the African continent”. Historically the Portuguese mariners of the 16th century considered it the end of Africa, but from the land it looks more like a bump on the side of the larger Cape Point.

Cape Point lighthouse

The lighthouse on Cape Point seems much more like the end of Africa. From here there is water on three sides, and it seems to go on forever towards Antarctica in the south.


It was at Cape Point that we saw our first African wildlife. Admittedly it was only a baboon that was hanging about the parking lot stealing people’s food, but later we saw ostriches and a bontebok antelope in the fields near the point.


Not far from Cape Point is Boulders Beach, where there is one of the few African Penguin colonies that is on the mainland. The beach where they live is part of the national park, but to get there you walk down an alley behind people’s houses. The penguins don’t seem to mind people walking down the boardwalk through their territories. The old name for the African Penguin was “Jackass Penguin”, because it makes a call that sounded like a donkey braying. The bird with the beak aimed at the sky is making that call.

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