Cape Town

Pictures from Cape Town

September 13 KLM flight from Vancouver to Amsterdam

September 14 KLM flight from Amsterdam to Cape Town

September 16 Cape Town (Table Mountain)

Distance fingerpost

First we flew over nine hours from Vancouver to Amsterdam; then after only a couple of hours we flew nearly twelve hours from Amsterdam to Cape Town. And amazingly, after all that travelling we had almost no jet lag. As you can see from this picture, Vancouver is farther from Cape Town than just about anywhere else in the world. This fingerpost is at the Victoria and Alfred waterfront, which is the old port made tourist-friendly.

Harbour and Table Mountain

It’s hard to go anywhere in Cape Town without noticing its backdrop, Table Mountain. Here is a view of it from just outside the Victoria and Alfred waterfront, shortly after the clouds cleared away from it.

Cape Town from Table Mountain

And here is the view in the other direction: Cape Town from on top of Table Mountain. At the right you see the Victoria and Alfred waterfront with a catamaran on its way to Robben Island, in the distance. At the left you see Signal Hill; hidden behind that is Sea Point, the part of town where we stayed.

Platteklip Gorge

We actually climbed Table Mountain twice: once on our own before the tour started, and then again a couple of days later with the tour group. Both times we followed what looks like the standard route, a steep trail up Platteklip Gorge. It’s a steep but well-maintained trail that climbs about 600 metres from the road to the plateau.

Maclear’s Beacon

When we climbed Table Mountain with the tour group, we reached the top quite a bit ahead of most others. So a few of us decided to walk to the high point of the plateau, Maclear’s Beacon. If it weren’t for the huge cairn there, it would be quite difficult to identify the high point, the plateau is so flat. Here are Paul and Christian at the Beacon.

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