September 13, 2005

Canada FlagThe long-anticipated departure day had finally arrived. With only a few chores (put out the last of the garbage, wash the dishes, clean the house) to be done before going to the airport, we got them out of the way and then sat down to wait for Rosemary’s friend Paula to pick us up. She had very kindly offered to drive us to the airport.

10:30 am came, and off we went. We were a couple of hours early, so the check-in line at KLM was very short. In no time at all we were through and on our way to security. Apparently everyone else had done the same thing, because the plane actually left ten minutes early!

Flying time to Amsterdam was 9½ hours; we flew northeast over Edmonton and Iqaluit, but every time we looked out there were clouds below us. We were served a snack, then dinner, then breakfast, all of which were preceded by handing out a hot towel to freshen up with. The meals were very good, too.

Neither of us was particularly tired, but we did manage to sleep on and off as we crossed the Atlantic. Just before sunrise we passed over the lights of Glasgow and Newcastle, and the sun was just rising as we landed in cloud at Amsterdam.

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