October 10, 2005

South Africa FlagLast night was windy, and since we were camped in a sandy area, the sleeping bag nearest the tent door (Paul’s) was gritty this morning. Good thing we slept in the tent. We woke up early and were on the road by 7:30 am. There were no scheduled activities, only the long drive to Jo’burg.

We were so tired that we slept most of the time. About noon we stopped at a highway stop for lunch. There was only a Wimpy’s, so it wasn’t a very good lunch. Rosemary ordered a strawberry milkshake which didn’t taste like strawberries in the least. Back on the truck we continued on the N1 highway. We alternatively slept, read our books, and looked out the window as the kilometres ticked away.

We arrived at the Drifters Inn at about 3:30 pm. Some of our group (Margit, Axel, Mark, and Richard) were flying home today, so they took the shuttle to the airport at 4 pm. The rest of us checked into our rooms. Our room in particular was very lovely, with an outdoor deck with a garden view plus a huge bathroom. It was on the top floor so the ceiling was actually the thatched roof sloping up to the peak. Both of us were really glad that Carolyn suggested we should stay one night instead of flying out immediately.

It was very relaxing sitting on the deck in the cool air. For once there were real clouds in the sky, the first we had seen since Cape Town. We said goodbye to Leon and told him what a great time we had had on the tour, then went and ordered our dinner. Dinner would be ready at 7 pm, so with some time on our hands we wandered around the property. There was a green grassy area, a swimming pool, and a side yard with a winding path. And there was a bright yellow weaver bird building his nest.

Dinner turned out to be very good. At the table were the remaining members of our group: Anja, Peter, Christian, Åsmund, Filip, André, Diane, and us. Rosemary had a strange species of lasagna and Paul had mutton curry, and we both had ice cream with Amarula sauce for dessert. As we finished, a thunder and lightning storm passed over and it started to rain, the first rain we had seen for nearly a month. We sat and chatted until 8:30 pm, then went to our room to write our journals.

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