Okavango Delta

Pictures from the Okavango Delta

October 2 Ngepi Camp to Maun

October 3 Okavango Delta

October 4 Okavango Delta, Maun to Nata

Mack Air

We flew into the Okavango Delta on these small five-seater aircraft. They flew low over the ground, so we had a good view of the landscape and animals.

Cape Buffalo

This was the first time we had seen Cape Buffalo, a large herd of them. They are the most dangerous animal in Africa, for humans at least, but we were safe in the aircraft.


The small aircraft dropped us on one of the larger islands in the Delta. From there we drove to a launching place where we got into these mokoros and were poled to our camp site, which was on a different island about an hour and a half away by boat.

Storks and pelicans

During the mokoro trip, we passed some islands where a large flock of storks, pelicans, and egrets were roosting and nesting. We could hear the noise for quite some time before we actually came into sight of them.


On our evening mokoro trip, we encountered a pair of hippopotamuses. We watched them cavorting for several minutes, then retreated and took a different route. The hippopotamus can be dangerous to people in small boats.


At the end of our evening trip, we paused to watch the sun set. Africa’s sunsets are often picturesque. We were used to having mountains (the Andes) for the sun to set behind, but the African sunsets have their own appeal.

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