October 4, 2005

Botswana FlagWe got up early to take a guided walk around our island, looking for animals and also looking at the different trees and plants. We saw recent elephant footprints, and saw how the Delta people made rope out of Sanseveria. This lasted about an hour. Once back at camp we packed up and set off back to Pom Pom Island in the mokoros.

The journey back took almost the same amount of the time as the original journey; this time we did not see the crocodile, which was a relief. But part way through the journey, Paul suffered an attack of heat stroke. Dousing his head with water seemed to help a bit, but he was very glad to finally get to dry land. While the others transferred the gear into the jeep, he went off to the river’s edge to rinse the mess out of his clothes.

The jeep trip back to the airstrip took about an hour, and the temperature was over 40 C, so everyone was feeling the effect of the heat. Paul kept drinking water, trying to get rehydrated, but threw it all up.

The direct flight back to Maun took only 20 minutes, and was not too bumpy. The airsickness bag went unused. Then we drove back to the Drifters camp in our temporary 13-seater truck, arriving there about 2 pm. We opted to have showers before lunch; getting clean and cool was certainly a nice feeling.

The new gearbox for our truck had arrived, been installed, and been declared fit for use. Except that there’s a small oil leak, so we will just take extra oil with us. We managed to leave at 3:15 pm for the drive to Nata. It was a very hot drive, and opening the windows just let hot air in. We finally arrived at 8 pm, set up camp, and then went out to dinner. Neither of us was particularly hungry, but we thought we should at least eat something. But the food took forever to arrive and Paul had terrible trouble just staying awake. Eventually it arrived and we picked at it a bit, then found our way back to the tent for an early bedtime.

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