Pictures from Sossusvlei

September 25 Desert Camp, Sossusvlei, Swakopmund

Animal footprints

We arrived at Sossusvlei at sunrise. Most of the dunes are off-limits to climbing, but Elim Dune was one where climbing was permitted. The footprints that were already there had been made overnight by animals and birds.

Climbing Elim Dune

The dune is only around 150 metres high, but it is mostly soft sand which is difficult to walk up.

Grass footprints

The wind had blown grass stems around, thus producing grass “footprints”.

Group on top of dune

Our group had split up and climbed various “summits” of the dune. This is the sub-group we were with.

View from top of dune

From the top of the dune we could see over the massive dune field that constitutes the Namib Desert in this area. It is vivid red sand with bright yellow and green patches of grasses.

Dune 45

The dune crests all along Sossusvlei have all been blown by the winds into sinuous curves.

Deadvlei view

A short walk from the end of the road in Sossusvlei, Deadvlei is a former river bed whose river was cut off by the dunes, leaving a crusty salt flat about the size and shape of a soccer field.

Deadvlei trees

The trees are long dead, and are as black as if they had been burned by a fire.

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