Tour Group

The group

Back row: Sandra Gerber (Switzerland), Åsmund Rogn (Norway), Filip Strandmoen (Norway), Axel Eichholz (Germany), Richard Holtz (Germany), André Bouchard (Canada), Diane Bouchard (Canada), Rosemary Clapham (Canada), Paul Clapham (Canada). Middle row: Anja Bogner (Germany), Peter Mathe (Germany), Mark Schulz (Holland), Margit Eichholz (Germany), Armin Henne (Germany), Ragina Johner (Switzerland), Melanie Foulhaber (Germany). Front row: Leon Louw (South Africa).

Our guide Leon

Our guide was Leon Louw, a South African. Besides driving the truck for hours on end, he also cooked almost all our meals, stopped to let us photograph animals and for pee breaks, arranged all our camping and permits and park entrance fees, repaired the truck's engine, and even dealt with police officers to prevent us from being arrested.

Our truck

The truck we rode in was a 16-seat Mercedes diesel truck. Since there were 17 of us on the tour, one had to ride in the front with Leon. The three who were unpaired (Christian, Mark, and Richard) took it in turns to do that. On the first couple of days we moved from one seat to another, but after that the rest of us had our permanent seats which we occupied for the rest of the trip. The truck became like home for us.

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