Victoria Falls

Pictures from Victoria Falls

October 6 Victoria Falls

October 7 Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

Of course just about the first thing we did in Victoria Falls was to visit the falls themselves. It was very pleasant to stand in the cool spray from the falls on such a hot day.

Low water

However we were there at a time when the water levels were low, so some parts of the falls were almost completely dry.

Victoria Falls bridge

We visited the Victoria Falls bridge that spans the Zambezi River between Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is a historic bridge because it was the first one built across the river, but it is not very interesting to look at. And the bungee-jumping was closed for lunch, so we couldn’t even watch people doing that.

Shona art market

Our main activity in Vic Falls was shopping for souvenirs. We visited the high-end art market, but we didn’t really like anything from there.

Curio market

The curio markets were another question. They were very frustrating because the vendors were extremely pushy and aggressive, so it took us until the second day before we could even think of buying anything. But we did end up buying quite a few wooden giraffes and stone birds and the like.


One night we had dinner beside the river, with African drummers. But this was no concert; we each had our own drums and the leader tried to teach us to drum a variety of rhythms.

Zambezi sunset

On the last afternoon we were in Vic Falls, we took a jetboat cruise on the river. Because of the low water level, we had to go slowly to avoid all the submerged rocks and hippos. We stayed out until sunset, then returned to the dock.

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