October 22, 2006

CanadaHong KongLast time we were in Hong Kong airport it was dark; now it was daytime, and we could look across a bay to a cluster of 40-story high-rise residential buildings. We had seven hours to wait for our connecting flight, so we considered taking the train into the city to look around. But we were both tired—it was the small hours of the morning for our body clocks—so we found the place with the couches and settled down for a rest. We slept, more or less, for a few hours, but then we woke up.

There was still several hours until flight time, so we walked down to the shopping area. There was a fast-food section with a few restaurants, so we got out some of our US dollars and went to Burger King. We bought hamburgers, fries, and Cokes, and got change in Hong Kong dollars. After eating our lunch we went and looked through all the shops to see what we could buy with that. There were a good many stores besides the Gucci type; we could have bought a magazine, or a Toblerone bar, or all kinds of things. But eventually we decided we didn’t want any of those things, so we went to the currency exchange and traded the Hong Kong dollars for Canadian dollars.

Flight time approached, and our flight showed up on the list of departures. The gate was far down at one end of the terminal, and since it was continuing on from Vancouver to New York, we had to go through the special security barrier where our day packs were hand-searched. The flight left on time at 3 pm, and was the usual thing.

The plane had a tail wind, so it was nearly an hour early arriving in the Vancouver area. However there was fog in Vancouver, so the air traffic control people delayed our landing. We flew over the Olympic Peninsula, then Ucluelet, then some other places, and finally came in to land just as the fog was clearing up. The customs line wasn’t too long, and we collected our packs and went outside. Caroline was waiting for us and off we went home.

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