Pictures from Johannesburg and its environs

September 23 Cathay Pacific flight from Vancouver to Hong Kong

September 24 Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong to Johannesburg

September 25 Johannesburg (Soweto)

September 26 Johannesburg to Malealea

Mandela’s bedroom

On our tour of Soweto we visited the house that Nelson Mandela had lived in in the 1960s. It is a small four-room house that is now kept as a museum. Besides being furnished as it would have been in the days when Mandela lived there, it is also full of Mandela memorabilia of all kinds. The fur quilt on the bed, like many other things in the museum, was originally a gift.

Public telephone

Out in the streets of Soweto is the local version of the public telephone. This is one of the nicer versions; others are discarded ship containers. Inside is an attendant who charges customers to use a cellular phone.

Southern Masked Weaver

On the way from Johannesburg to Lesotho we stopped at a highway service area for a break and for the leaders to do food shopping. While we were there we photographed some of the local flowers and birds around the parking lot.

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