September 24, 2006

Hong KongThe plane crossed the International Date Line and we flew over the Russian Far East. It was daylight outside, but mostly cloudy so we couldn’t tell whether we were flying over land or ocean. We tried to sleep, and read our books, and watched the in-flight movies.

The plane arrived in Hong Kong a bit early, at 7:30 pm. We had about four hours to wait for our ongoing flight, so we walked down to the shops at the end of the departures area. Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo… not a pirated CD anywhere. We didn’t buy anything.

On the way back to the gate we noticed a resting area. This had couches where you could lie down, unlike the uncomfortable seats at the gate, so we stayed there and dozed for a couple of hours. We didn’t sleep too soundly because we didn’t want to sleep past our departure time.

The flight to Johannesburg left on time at 11:45 pm; after a while they served us dinner and then turned down the cabin lights.

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