Panama 2007

Wildlife viewingCruising on the canalHiking in the mountains

Our 2007 Vacation in Panama

We don’t really remember why we decided to go to Panama. Our two trips
to South Africa, halfway around the world, had earned us enough frequent-flyer
points for a free trip to North or Central America. So now it was time to use
them, we thought. Panama sounded good to us. But then we found out about the
realities of cashing in on those points. Finally, by booking our flights eleven
months in the future, we managed to set up an itinerary that fit in with our
available vacation time in November, 2007.

Closer to our departure date, we started to do our research. It didn’t
take us long to find out that November was the rainiest month of the rainy
season in Panama. But could it really be that bad? We had been in Britain during
one of their rainiest summers in recent memory and survived. And Panama is
tropical, so it wouldn’t even be cold. Not a problem at all.


We always like to get away from the cities on our vacations, so the first thing
we did was to fly to David in the far western part of the country and head up into
the mountains. We spent a couple of days in Guadalupe near Parque Nacional La
Amistad, then hiked the Sendero Los Quetzales through the mountains of Parque
Nacional Volcan Baru to Boquete.

Pictures from Guadalupe
Pictures from Sendero Los Quetzales
Pictures from Boquete

November 8 Vancouver to Panama City

November 9 Panama City to Guadalupe

November 10 Guadalupe

November 11 Guadalupe

November 12 Sendero Los Quetzales

November 13 Boquete

El Valle de Anton

We had heard good things about El Valle de Anton, so we spent a day there. Really
it was two half-days, but that still gave us time to get an idea of the place. It
would certainly be a place we would go back to, especially if we had more time.

Pictures from El Valle de Anton

November 14 Boquete to El Valle de Anton

November 15 El Valle de Anton

Panama City

We couldn’t go all the way to Panama without checking out the Panama Canal. So we
booked ourselves on a tour that did a full transit of the canal, from end to end.
Not on one of those huge cruise ships, but on a much smaller ship. That was one
of our most interesting days. We also spent a day looking around the sights of
Panama City, and a day checking out the birding sites near Gamboa.

Pictures from Panama City
Pictures from Panama Canal
Pictures from Gamboa

November 16 Panama City

November 17 Panama Canal

November 18 Gamboa

November 19 Panama City to Vancouver


Copyright ©2008 by Rosemary and Paul Clapham

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