Pictures from Gamboa

Pipeline Road

We spent a day at Gamboa. First stop was Pipeline Road, a hot spot for finding many of Panama’s bird species.

Black Vulture

Of course there were Black Vultures. But that wasn’t why we were there.

Tropical forest

Although we walked along the road, which originally had something to do with the canal, the forest was relatively undamaged.

Muddy stream

There were several muddy streams crossing under the road.

Blue Morpho

In the sunny open areas there were quite a few Blue Morpho butterflies. They are bright metallic blue and about the size of your hand.


There were many other kinds of insect, including this bug and even including some mosquitoes, the first we had encountered in Panama.

Slaty-tailed Trogon

And there were many birds we hadn’t seen yet. Except for this Slaty-tailed Trogon, they were difficult to photograph. Perhaps coincidentally, it is the official bird of Parque Nacional Soberanía.


In the town itself, the agoutis were very tame.

Panama Canal Railroad

The Panama Canal Railroad goes right past the town, carrying containers between Panama City and Colón.


As we walked along the road outside Gamboa, this mother coatimundi and her two young ones ran across the road. Then when they saw us, they ran back again.

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