Pictures from Guadalupe

Los Quetzales

In Guadalupe we stayed at the Los Quetzales Lodge. There were several buildings there; our dormitories were in the low building at the right.

Rufous-tailed Hummingbird

Outside the lodge were hummingbird feeders, of course. And trees and shrubs which attracted many other species of birds.

Dining room

The lodge was well-appointed and the dining room could seat quite a few guests. In November we were the only ones there.


The food was also good and well-presented.

Finca Dracula

A short distance up the hill was Finca Dracula, where they raise hundreds of species of orchids for sale around the world.


November was not the time to see orchids in bloom, but Finca Dracula did have a few varieties which were flowering.

Cabin #2

We spent a night and part of two days at one of the lodge’s cabins. They are in the national park above Guadalupe, near the rough road up through the forest.

Cabin view

From the patio outside the cabin there was a view out over the river valley below, towards distant mountains.

Cabin windows

Inside the cabin there was a large living room with a view out onto the patio. There was also an inefficient wood-burning stove which did very little to heat the building.

Cabin bedroom

On the upper floor was the bedroom.

Cabin kitchen

And in the back was the kitchen. It was fully equipped but all food had to be brought up from Guadalupe.

Cabin from above

Behind the cabin was the path through the forest to the neighbouring cabin, just up the hill a little.

Magnificent Hummingbird

Hanging from the eaves of the cabin were several hummingbird feeders which were almost always attended by one or more hummingbirds. There were Magnificent Hummingbirds...

White-throated Mountain-gem

and White-throated Mountain-gems...

Violet Sabrewing

and Violet Sabrewings...

Magnificent Hummingbird

and more Magnificent Hummingbirds...

White-throated Mountain-gem

and more White-throated Mountain-gems...

Large-footed Finch

The patio was supplied with seed feeders that attracted birds like this Large-footed Finch.

Yellow-thighed Finch

And this Yellow-thighed Finch.

Chestnut-capped Brush-Finch

And this Chestnut-capped Brush-Finch.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

And, surprisingly, a small flock of Rose-breasted Grosbeaks which were in their winter homes.


We went for a couple of hikes with our guide Abel.

Rio Chiriquí Grande

One of the hikes went uphill from the cabin, following the river and climbing nearly to the Continental Divide.


Although it was the wrong season, there were still a few flowering plants to be seen.


We had the Panama bird book, but we could not find a Panama flower book, so we could not identify any of them.


Our second hike was the Tres Cascadas (Three Falls) trail. It looped over a ridge between two tributaries of the river.

Stream crossing

It involved several stream crossings, although none of them were difficult.


Back in Guadalupe, we walked around the area. The farm fields, where they were growing all kinds of vegetables, ran steeply up the slopes.

Marching band

Over in neighbouring Cerro Punta, it was one of Panama’s independence days, celebrating Colombia’s independence from Spain. There were marching bands from all over Chiriquí, waiting for their turn to march past the reviewing stand in the centre of town.

Marching band

Although it was pouring with rain, the marchers didn’t seem to mind much.

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