Panama City

Pictures from Panama City

La Estancia

In Panama City we stayed at La Estancia, on Cerro Ancon, both when we first arrived and later when we returned to the city.

Breakfast area

Most people had breakfast out on the balconies. There was an indoor breakfast area too.

Crimson-backed Tanager

Next to the balconies were feeding stations for birds like this Crimson-backed Tanager.

Blue-gray Tanager

And these Blue-gray Tanagers, which were very common around towns and cities.

Variable Seedeater

There was also a seed feeder for Variable Seedeaters.

Yellow-headed Caracara

From time to time Yellow-headed Caracaras would show up and steal things from unguarded breakfast tables.


On the ground below the balconies we could often see agoutis.


And there was a resident sloth in the trees outside. Usually when we saw it it was sleeping, as sloths do, but one night it fell down onto the concrete sidewalk.

Bridge of the Americas

From our room we could see the Bridge of the Americas, which spans the Panama Canal.


And at night, little lizards would emerge and catch flies on the walls and ceiling of our room

Cerro Ancon

One morning we walked up the road to the top of Cerro Ancon.

City view

From here we had a view over downtown Panama City.


And in the opposite direction, a view over the Port of Balboa and the Panama Canal.

Black Vulture

Black Vultures were very common everywhere in Panama.

Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vultures were less common, but still not difficult to find.

Brown Pelican

And our friends the Brown Pelicans were all along the shoreline as we went for a walk along the Amador Causeway.

Ant highway

Some ants had built their own causeway parallel to the road.

Patriotic statue

A patriotic statue by the causeway.

Morning rainstorm

There was a rainstorm over downtown Panama City which moved west to be over us.

Casco Viejo

After drying off, we walked around Casco Viejo, the old part of the city.

Art Deco

Half of the area had been redeveloped with new Art Deco style buildings.

Art Deco

Like this one.

Panama City Hall

But there are still historic buildings like the City Hall (seen here) and numerous churches.

Black-Crowned Night-Heron

The shoreline around Casco Viejo was mostly choked with debris, which the vultures were not opposed to. But we also saw this Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron.

Palacio de las Garzas

The official residence of the president of Panama is in Casco Viejo. It is named “Palacio de las Garzas” (Palace of the Herons).

Blue Crane

Originally there were herons living there, but now there are Blue Cranes from South Africa.

Panama City view

As we walked back to La Estancia, the sun was setting on the city.

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