Sendero Los Quetzales

Pictures from Sendero Los Quetzales

Alto Respingo

We hired a 4X4 to drive us up the rocky road to Alto Respingo ranger station at the start of the trail. This turned out to be a good decision, because Rosemary's back does not tolerate hiking up steep hills.

Costa Rican Pygmy-Owl

Perhaps it was the weather, or the time of year, but there were very few birds to be seen as we hiked the trail. But we did get lucky and found this little Costa Rican Pygmy-Owl being mobbed by hummingbirds.

Cloud forest

The higher parts of the trail were supposed to have great views, but we were in cloud the whole time. It is a cloud forest, after all.

Cloud forest

At lower elevations there were some very large trees.

Suspension bridge

We had to cross the Rio Caldera four times. This was one of the three bridges that were on the trail.

Yellow flower

This little yellow flower was beside the trail.


After we reached the bottom of the trail, it left the cloud forest and followed a road towards Boquete through cleared fields. These purple chrysanthemums were beside the road.

Roadside cattle

Some of the cleared fields were apparently empty, but others had cows grazing in them. Rather like Switzerland, with cows in alpine meadows.

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