Easy day in the West Fjords

June 24, 2009

Yesterday had been a long day, so we had a nice sleep-in until 8:30 am. We had no real plans for today, so while having breakfast we discussed our options. Guillemot egg for breakfast Neil and Christine had had enough of long drives, so it was decided that we would have the car after dropping them off at the local hot pool, which was about 20 kilometres away. The plan was that we would continue on to the Dynjandi waterfall and then somehow pick them up on the way back.

The hot pool by the road was a rectangular concrete pool with boiling water pouring into one end, but the plug wasn’t in, so the pool only held ankle-deep cold water. However there was a natural pool higher up the slope, and an unkempt but clean enough changing room, so we left Christine and Neil there and drove off down the road.

We had seen pictures of Dynjandi in brochures and it looked quite spectacular. Our road took us up to the fells then down to the fjord then up again. The scenery was bleak but also beautiful at the same time. The variety of greens in the mosses and lichens was vast. We saw very little life up there, but a little farther down we did see a couple of swans Whooper Swans and also some loons.

When we finally reached the waterfall, it was quite spectacular. The falls were multi-layered, with the top one tumbling down layers of lava. Dynjandi Below the main fall there were half a dozen smaller cascades tumbling through the rocks at the base of the cliff. After walking to the base of the falls and back down again, some rain started so we sat in the car and ate our granola bars.

Back at the hot pool, there was no sign of Neil and Christine. But they had planned to start walking back along the road if they were finished before we returned, so we figured they would be quite a bit down the road. It took us by surprise to find them walking along not far from the pool. We picked them up and heard their story about finding a third hot pool, a much better one, which was located up behind the nearby house. Fortunately we had picked them up before they tried to walk through the tern colony which was nesting on both sides of the road. The terns even made aggressive passes at the car as we drove through it. Caution -- Nesting birds on the road

Our trip back went quickly, with one brief stop to photograph a group of male harlequin ducks. Back atHarlequin Ducks the hostel it was lunch time, even though it was 3:30 pm. We had some vegetable soup, then the two of us went out for a walk down the main street of Bíldudalur. The town is very small, with basically one main street, no shopping area, no police, no hospital, and so on. We walked part way out along the road, but with the wind in our faces it felt freezing. Walking back was a bit better, but there wasn’t much to see so we went back to the hostel to relax.

Christine cooked up the free fish from yesterday, along with some potatoes donated by another hostel guest who had left. We also had a couple of glasses of red wine donated by another departed guest, and we put in a few things of our own, too, so we had a very good dinner. After dinner we just sat around and chatted. Bedtime was early, as we planned to get up at 6:30 am for our long drive.

Fjord in the evening

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