Last day in Reykjavík

July 5, 2009

A nothing day today, really – our flight doesn’t leave until this afternoon, so we have half a day free in Reykjavík. We’ve really seen everything we want to see, so this morning we’re just stalling around.

So we got up and had a leisurely breakfast. We were mostly packed up, but we reorganized our packs into checked baggage and carry-on bags. Then we went out for a walk around the town, for something to do. It was raining somewhat, but we were used to that by now.

We walked down towards the docks first. Dry dock There were fishing boats in dry-dock there; it was quite amazing to see the size of the keels, which are usually hidden underwater. But the North Atlantic has some pretty big waves, so stabilizers must be a necessity. Then we continued along the shoreline path towards the west.

There wasn’t much to see out there, it was just nondescript residential housing, so pretty soon we turned around and headed back towards the city centre. By now the flea market which was just across from the harbour was open, so we stopped in there. It was certainly a large flea market, but we didn’t really see anything we wanted to buy.

Hot dog standBy now it was lunch time, and suddenly we remembered we hadn’t gone to the famous hot dog stand which is supposed to have the city’s best hot dogs. We went over there and ordered “two with everything”. They were surprisingly good, and the sauce was spicy enough for hot dogs but not overpowering. We’d definitely go back there if we ever went back to Iceland.

Neil had arranged a taxi to take us to the airport, since that was cheaper than four fares on the airport bus. It showed up at the hostel, we loaded all of our bags into the trunk, and off we went to the airport. We saw the same things going to the airport which we had seen two weeks earlier coming from the airport, but now we had a better idea of what we were seeing. The airport is famous for its stores, so we went shopping. Goodbye We used up our spare change on chocolate-covered licorice from the candy store first; then just as we were about to declare the shopping done, we found a shop with ceramic mugs with puffins on them. Well, we had to have puffin mugs from Iceland, so we bought two of those.

We met up with Neil and Christine and headed downstairs to our gates. Their flight to London was off first, so just before it left we said our goodbyes. Ours was off an hour later, back to Toronto and then Vancouver, and then back to work the next day.

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