On-line trail maps for Slovenia

There is a fine interactive web application at Geopedia. You can use the map tools to move around the country, zoom in, and zoom out. By choosing your options correctly you can see trails, roads, restaurants, hotels, and even house numbers.

First hint: you will see two little flags which allow you to see the site in Slovene or in English. Do not click on the British flag; the English version of the site has many fewer features. The Slovene version is far superior, but a bit daunting for those who don’t know Slovene. But don’t be put off, Google Translate does a fairly good job of translating Slovene to English.

On the menu panel at the left, click on the “Karta” (Maps) tab. Scroll down to see the optional features you can select. At the bottom is “Ceste” (Roads). This shows you all roads from freeways down to cart tracks. Higher up is “Restavracije, gostisca” which shows you (yes) restaurants and inns, and “Locali” which shows you pubs. There’s also “Hišne številke” (House numbers), which don’t show up except in the most zoomed-in views. Check the features you want to see on the map.

If you already used your Slovene-English dictionary to see what all the options were, you will have noticed that hiking trails are not in the list. Here’s how to add them to the list:

  1. Click on the “Sloj” (Layer) tab at the left.
  2. Click on the “Izberi sloj…” (Select layer) link.
  3. In the window which pops up, click on the “Vse kategorizirane” (All categories) link in the list.
  4. In the huge list which appears in the box, scroll down until you find “Planinske poti” (Hiking trails) and click on that.

If you did all of that correctly you will see the country-wide network of trails appear on the map, in red.

You can now click on any of the features you see overlaid on the map and a box will appear in the left panel, containing information about that feature. If there was more than one feature near where you clicked, several boxes will appear and you can click on one of them to open it up.

Information about roads and hiking trails includes the latitude and longitude of one end of the highlighted segment, and its length (“Dolžina”). If you click on the “profil” link you will get a graph showing the elevation profile of the highlighted segment. There’s a lot of statistics next to the profile… but if you got this far, you passed the test and you’re qualified to poke around on your own now!

Of course the official topographic maps are the best for navigation, and they are available for the whole country; but it’s possible to do screen-captures of the Geopedia maps, which are pretty darn good. Put your browser into full-screen mode to get slightly bigger maps.

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