Rainy day – change in plans

When we arrived yesterday the clouds were low so we researched out an alternative plan just in case. Well, plan B is in action and we are now in Postojna having taken the bus here. The rain has been on and off all day but we had a great time being tourists. We bought a Super packet ticket that enabled us to get into the underground caves and the castle at Predjama, as well as the Postojna Caves and the Vivarium. To get to Predjama there was a free shuttle bus so off we went at 10am. We arrived just in time for the tour of the caves under Predjama Castle. This walking tour took us into the mountain where according to legend the Knight Erazem was the local robber baron in the 15th Century. We were also lucky to see several Little Horseshoe Bats hanging from the ceiling. Sorry no pictures yet as this is a public computer.

Once we were finished the caves we went on the tour of the castle itself. This consisted of following a map with numbered rooms. Some rooms were decorated like they would have been long ago, including the medieval torture chamber. All in all a very interesting place. When we finished we ran down to catch the shuttle bus but missed it by 30 seconds. As the next one was not till 3 pm we thought about having lunch at the castle but that still would have left us with 1.5 hours to wait so I approached an english speaking tour and asked if there was room on their bus to get us to the Postojna Caves. Lucky for us there was. The tour turned out to be an Australian group who were touring Croatia and Slovenia.

At the Caves we went and had lunch, which consisted of a monster sized hamburger, pommes frites and delicious hot chocolate. The next tour started at 2pm so we didn´t have long to wait till the train left. Once aboard, the train ride was like something at Disneyland with us hurtling down a stalactite and stalagmite lined tunnel. The ride went 4km into the tunnels passing amazing features along the route. We then got to walk along paths for a further 2km before boarding the train for the return trip. A brief visit to the Vivarium to see the creatures that live in the cave rounded out our day. By now the rain was pouring down so we headed to the shuttle bus stop and back to the hostel. We weren´t sure about dinner but decided to head out to a local pizza restaurant.

As it turned out the pizza restaurant was just about next door to the hostel. And also it had very good pizzas. Very big too.

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