Coast to Coast 2008

From May 17 to May 31 we walked Alfred Wainwright’s Coast to Coast path across England, from St Bees on the Irish Sea coast to Robin Hood’s Bay on the North Sea coast.C2Cers

The weather was ideal, we didn’t get lost (much), all our reservations were there when we arrived, the food was good, and we stayed healthy. And our British friends Neil and Christine joined us to walk the last half. What else is there to say? Perfect.

After we came back home, we put our diary, with pictures, up on Blogspot in the form of one blog post per day. Now we have repatriated them to WordPress and here they are:

May 17, 2008: St Bees to Ennerdale YH
May 18, 2008: Ennerdale YH to Borrowdale YH
May 19, 2008: Borrowdale YH to Butharlyp Howe YH
May 20, 2008: Butharlyp Howe YH to Patterdale
May 21, 2008: Patterdale to Shap
May 22, 2008: Shap to Orton
May 23, 2008: Orton to Kirkby Stephen
May 24, 2008: Kirkby Stephen to Keld
May 25, 2008: Keld to Grinton YH
May 26, 2008: Grinton YH to Richmond
May 27, 2008: Richmond to Danby Wiske
May 28, 2008: Danby Wiske to Osmotherley YH
May 29, 2008: Osmotherley YH to Blakey Ridge
May 30, 2008: Blakey Ridge to Grosmont
May 31, 2008: Grosmont to Robin Hood’s Bay


Copyright © 2008 by Rosemary and Paul Clapham

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