Pictures from Exeter

Chris and Ruth’s house

Our home base in Exeter was the house of Paul’s uncle Chris and aunt Ruth. From here Chris drove us all over Devon and Cornwall.

Swans at Exeter Quay

On our first day in Exeter, we started at the Quay and walked around the city. There were a lot of swans on the river there.

Exeter Cathedral

It was hard to miss Exeter Cathedral, which was by far the most impressive cathedral we had seen so far in our travels.

Inside Exeter Cathedral

And the inside of the cathedral was just as impressive as the outside; perhaps even more impressive.

Narrow street

On our walk about the city we found some narrow streets.

Parliament Street

But the narrowest of them all was Parliament Street. According to Guinness it is the narrowest street in the world, just 64 centimetres wide at its narrowest point.


We also went on a guided walk around the city—in the rain—which took us to places like the Guildhall which we would have not seen on our own.

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