Pictures from London


We arrived in London, at Waterloo Station, after a forgettable train ride from Exeter.

Tower Bridge

While we were in London, we did manage to see some of the standard tourist sights. Like Tower Bridge.

Tower of London

And the Tower of London. Rick Steves’s guide book told us the strategy to use to avoid the crowds here, and it worked very well. Thank you Rick!

Yeoman Warder

After viewing the Crown Jewels first thing in the morning, we went on the tour led by the Yeoman Warder guide. A very interesting and entertaining tour.

Millennium Bridge

We crossed the Thames by the new Millennium Bridge, which Londoners call the Wibbly-Wobbly Bridge, to the Tate Modern Gallery.

St. Magnus the Martyr

We also happened on some lesser-known sights, like the Church of St. Magnus the Martyr.

Globe Theatre

One evening, we went to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre with Neil and Christine. The play was Love’s Labours Lost.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

After the play, the night-time view of St. Paul’s Cathedral was quite spectacular.

Westminster Abbey

We visited Westminster Abbey, but we didn’t visit the Houses of Parliament across the street because Parliament was not sitting that day.

Downing Street

But for obvious security reasons, you can’t walk past 10 Downing Street any more.

Henry and Klaus

We met up with Paul’s Swiss cousin Henry (third from left) and his partner Klaus (second from right) for lunch one day on the South Bank.

Prime Meridian

On the day the Tour de France had its official start at Greenwich, we went up to the Museum and took the obligatory photos of us on the Prime Meridian.

24-hour clock

We bought a modern replica of the Shepherd Gate clock and installed it in our hallway at home. However our clock shows the local time and not GMT.

Pip and family

While in London we stayed with Paul’s cousin Pip at his house in Southwark. One night his whole family came over for a barbecue dinner.

Jellied Eels

This is the notorious “Jellied Eels” incident that followed that dinner.

Clapham Sect

On our last day in London, we took the Tube to Clapham Common. The church there was where the anti-slavery movement had its headquarters two hundred years ago.

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