The End of Hadrian’s Wall

May 13, 2012

After we had had breakfast, we walked up the street to have a look at the pavilion which marked the end of the Hadrian’s Wall walk. There was another group there, just ready to start out, so they kindly took our group picture at the pavilion. It was bitterly cold and we were glad it wasn’t us who would be walking all day in that wind.

Before leaving Bowness we went over to see the village church. It was open, so we went inside to look at the stained-glass windows. Even in the smallest of English churches the interior is beautiful, with high vaulted ceilings and generally a large pipe organ. The grave stones surrounding the church were a variety of dates, some as early as the 1600’s. One of the stones had an inscription for a young smuggler.

Because of the weather, we decided not to stay in Bowness any longer, so we jammed all four of our backpacks into the trunk of Christine’s little Yaris and headed out. First we had to drive back across the country, to Wallsend, where we had left Neil’s car a week earlier. Christine was heading off to Dumfries to visit friends, one of whom was out of hospital after an operation with numerous complications. So the two of us got into Neil’s car and headed back to Glasgow.

We stopped at Gretna for a snack in the early afternoon, then headed north to Glasgow. The farther we went, the worse the weather got, and by the time we reached Glasgow it was absolutely atrocious with strong winds and rain. Back at Neil and Christine’s place we did a load of laundry and Neil rummaged around in the freezer to find something for dinner.

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