October 5, 2016

We arrived in Glasgow at about 10:30 am; many of the other passengers were going on to Manchester and many of the Glasgow passengers had EU passports, so as a result we were basically first through the “Non-EU Passports” line. Immigration was very speedy and our friends Neil and Christine, who had come to meet us, were surprised to see us so soon!

We first zoomed off to their house to have some tea and drop off our bags, and then Neil took us down to the marina on the Forth and Clyde Canal to see their narrowboat, “The Duckling”. They had been working on it for the last year or two, and it was still a work in progress, but from the outside it looked very nice. Painted a beautiful shade of blue, it still needed a fair amount of inside finishing but the engine worked very well and the boat was seaworthy—or is that “canal-worthy”?

“The Duckling” on the move

“The Duckling” on the move

So we motored along the canal towards Falkirk, turning around after 45 minutes. There wasn’t much traffic on the canal—we met only one other boat—so steering and navigating were easy. Although a bit nerve-racking at times. But it was a pleasant trip just puttering along the canal.

When we got back, Christine had just about got dinner ready. It was a very good meal, especially since we hadn’t had much to eat since the slice of banana bread which Air Transat calls breakfast. Dinner was early because they were going into Glasgow to attend a lecture; we were invited along but both of us declined because we were tired after the flight.

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