Chipping Campden

June 1, 2013

This morning brought blue sky and sunshine, just like yesterday. Perhaps our weather luck was changing? That would be nice. Today’s festivities weren’t going to start until the afternoon, so after a very good breakfast we headed out. Neil had brought along a treasure hunt: there’s a company which produces cards with a series of directions to follow, features to find, and clues to solve while walking around a particular place. This one was for Chipping Campden.

Our first direction was to go to the Tourist Information centre, and then the treasure hunt led us through the village, past some lovely thatched houses, out into the fields, then past the church and back to the High Street. Halfway through, the directions led us right past our B&B, so we stopped there for tea before carrying on with the second half. There were about 20 clues in all, which had us looking for things like dates on various buildings and names of people and houses. It was an interesting exercise because it led us to find obscure but interesting things. For example one clue led us to an old mill in which there were silversmiths working in a room full of silver-working tools of all kinds.

After lunch we went over to the High Street to watch the Scuttlebrook Wake festivities. We were just in time to see the new Queen of the May and her attendants arriving on a cart pulled by the Morris men. After the crowning of the new Queen she handed out the prizes to the winners of the competitions for fancy dress, parade floats and shop window displays. Then the entertainment began, starting with school children doing country dancing and continuing with other school children dancing around the maypole. They were mostly pretty good, but one little boy managed to mix up the coloured tapes on two separate occasions. Two ladies standing next to us commented that every generation makes the same mistakes. And finally there were the Morris men, who were adults who had obviously practised a lot.

We walked up through the fun fair and bought some ice creams, then went over to the Court Barn museum. The museum was quite small, but it provided quite a bit of information about people who were influential in the Arts and Crafts movement in the Chipping Campden area. Finally we went down the High Street looking in the shops again, and Rosemary bought a dress for a wedding we’re invited to later in the year. They only had two of the dress in the shop, one an XL size and the other one on the mannequin in the window which surprisingly turned out to be her size.

Meanwhile Neil and Christine had made dinner reservations at the Red Lion, since the town was still quite busy, so we had no trouble getting a meal. The dinner there was very good.

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