Rosthwaite to Keswick

May 24, 2013

Today was Day 4 of the Cumbria Way, today only a short walk into Keswick. We packed up, had our breakfast, and got ready to head out. While paying our bill we got an update on the new calf, provisionally named “Stupid”. His mother was a first-time mother who showed little interest in the calf, and he had to be fed by tube because he wouldn’t suck from a bottle. Quite the dysfunctional family, to say the least!

The first part of the trail past Castle Crag was familiar, but unlike yesterday it was cloudy and threatening to rain. And very soon the rain showers started. As we walked through the village of Grange the showers became more serious, so we put on our rain capes. Once past there we followed the River Derwent down to Derwentwater, where there was a tremendous wind blowing with whitecaps on the lake. The walk along the lake was very nice, though, as it was mostly parkland. Because of the wind and showers there weren’t any sailing boats out on the lake, but the old teak launches were still making their rounds.

Closer to Keswick the showers let up and it started to be sunny. We could see Cat Bells and Skiddaw, both of which are on our list to climb, and as we walked into the town we started to meet a lot of walkers bound for Cat Bells. Walking through the town we noticed a large number of outdoor equipment shops, and we also noted the location of the Coop for when we needed to do food shopping. We arrived at the youth hostel shortly after 1 pm.

We spent the better part of the afternoon doing laundry, using the hostel’s washer and dryer. There was also a drying room, so we left some of the larger items there rather than waiting through another dryer cycle. When that chore was finally done we headed over to the Coop to buy food for the next few days. They didn’t have a great selection, but in the microwave meals section we each found something to our liking.

The kitchen at the hostel was quite crowded as we made our dinner. There was a group of people who were wearing fancy running shoes and talking about overseas competitions, so they must be here for a track meet or something like that.

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