New Mexico 2012

In November we attended the Festival of the Cranes, which was at and around the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in south-central New Mexico. We hadn’t been to a birding festival before, but this was the 25th annual edition of the festival so we expected the organizers would do a good job. And they did.

We cashed in some of our airline points and flew to Albuquerque, where we rented a car. Most of our time was spent at the festival, so we stayed at a rented apartment in Socorro most of the time. But before and after the festival we spent a couple of days looking around the rest of the state—or at least a small part of it—so we also stayed at a hotel in Albuquerque near the airport.

November 10: Albuquerque to Santa Fe

November 11: Santa Fe

November 12: The Turquoise Trail

November 13: Elephant Butte Lake

November 14: Bosque del Apache

November 15: Fly Out At Sunrise

November 16: Very Large Array

November 17: Fly In At Sunset

November 18: Mountain Birding

November 19: White Sands

November 20: Sandia Crest

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