Australia 2013

One day we were watching professional road cycling on television, and a race called the “Tour Down Under” came on. It takes place every January in the Adelaide area. We looked at the scenery (that’s one of the reasons why we watch road cycling) and said “Hey, that looks nice!”

So we planned a trip to Australia. We had to go to Adelaide, of course, but seeing all of Australia was obviously impossible. But we worked out an itinerary which covered a lot of the highlights. We originally had Alice Springs and Uluru on the list, but several Australians we met told us that we had to see the Great Barrier Reef. So Uluru was out and the reef was in. Our resulting itinerary was a bit Tasmania-heavy, but we like hiking and Tasmania seemed the best place for that.

We tried to time our visits to the various locations so that the weather wouldn’t be too extreme. That worked fairly well–in the north we were in the buildup to the Wet, so it was a bit too hot and humid, and in the south it was still early spring, so it was a bit cold. But on average the weather was perfect!

October 23-26, 2013: Sydney

October 27-November 1, 2013: Far North Queensland

November 2-9, 2013: Northern Territory

November 9-17, 2013: South Australia

November 18-December 1, 2013: Tasmania

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