November 9, 2013

Boarding the flight was very fast, as there were only 68 passengers in a plane which could hold 169 people. The flight lasted two and a half hours and once again we got a hot meal. We flew over the red centre of Australia, so we didn’t see much until we were nearly there, and there was a salt lake off to the left. We took the shuttle bus to the YHA, and checked in. It was so refreshing to be in Adelaide, where the temperature was about 16°C with no humidity. It was cold! At least, cold for us, we hadn’t seen temperatures below 25°C for a week.

We went out for a short walk to buy some spaghetti sauce for dinner and then returned to the YHA to cook it. The kitchen was very busy, but we managed to find a cooktop to use. Tonight was the first night in a week that we made tea. After dinner we went out for a short walk around the city centre. At least, it started out that way. Our route took us down King William Street, past the Beehive Corner building which is made of sandstone blocks and fancy trim, to the River Torrens and past the Adelaide Festival Centre. We crossed the bridge and went to look at St. Peter’s Cathedral, which was lit up on the outside, giving the sandstone a rosy hue. What with construction taking place on the convention centre and the stadium we ended up walking around both of them, getting back at 8:45 pm when it was just about dark. But it was really nice to be out walking in the cool evening air, our energy levels were considerably higher.

Back at the hostel we checked our e-mail and tried to catch up on other web-related things. We also booked the ferry to and from Kangaroo Island. We had noisy people in the room next to ours, which made it hard to sleep. We finally ended up pounding on the wall and yelling “Be quiet!” This method actually worked, and we managed to get a better sleep.

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