Cruise Wildlife

Antarctic Giant-Petrel

While we were cruising the channels, we were almost always followed by one or more of these birds, Antarctic Giant-Petrels. They are large birds, nearly twice as large as the Kelp Gulls, but not nearly as large as the Black-browed Albatrosses. The albatrosses were almost always in sight, too, sometimes in dozens, but they never came near the ship.

Elephant Seal

At Bahia Ainsworth we visited a colony of Elephant Seals. The main colony is on the east coast of Argentina, and this is just a “transit” colony. So there are no giant bull elephant seals here, only a couple of juvenile males loafing on the beach.


Early one morning, after we had returned from a trip to one of the glaciers, the ship drew up next to this small sealion colony. There was probably a hundred mothers and very young pups squeezed together on the small rocky area, with a few larger males on the periphery. Hopping about on the slope above them were about a dozen Turkey Vultures.


Islotes Tucker is an environmental reserve where large numbers of seabirds nest. These are Rock Shags, one of the two common species of cormorants that live in the area.


Also nesting at Islotes Tucker were several hundred Magellanic Penguins.

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