Ecuador 2011

We had always planned to go to the Galápagos, some time, but then we came across a post in the blog of a well-known birding guide. He said that the Galápagos National Park was going to change the rules which applied to cruises so that they would no longer be able to do week-long itineraries. Go soon before that happens, he said.

So we moved Ecuador up the priority list. And while we were there, we decided, we might as well do it right. So as well as booking ourselves into a Galápagos cruise, we also booked visits to eco-lodges in the cloud forest and the rain forest. And scheduled some time for travelling around the back woods on buses, too.

For this trip we invited our son Matthew and Paul’s sister Barb to join us, which they did. So there were four of us on the cruise, which was quite a different experience for us.

We’ve broken our posts into six groups:

1. Arrival

February 26: We Have Arrived in Quito

2. Cloud Forest

February 27: We Arrive at Bellavista Lodge
February 28: The Antpitta Trip
March 1: A Day at Bellavista Lodge
March 2: Yanacocha Reserve

3. Rain Forest

March 3: We Go to the Rain Forest
March 4: First Day at Sacha Lodge
Night Walk at Sacha Lodge
March 5: The First Tower
March 6: The Parrot Licks and the Second Tower

4. Quito

March 7: Return to Quito
March 8: A Day in Quito

5. Galápagos

March 9: We Go to the Galápagos
March 10: Giant Tortoises
March 11: Earthquake!
March 12: Floreana Island
March 13: We Snorkel with Penguins
March 14: We Snorkel without Penguins
March 15: We Snorkel and Snorkel

6. Highlands

March 16: Guayaquil
March 17: Cuenca
March 18: A Drive through the Andes
March 19: A day in Baños
March 20: On the Road to Cotopaxi
March 21: Cotopaxi


Copyright © 2011 by Rosemary and Paul Clapham

1 Response to Ecuador 2011

  1. wow what a fabulous itinerary would love to do the areas of mindo, bellavista and galapagos you did! snorkeling with penguins is the best

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