We Have Arrived in Quito

After 24 hours of sitting in airports and airplanes, we are here! The flight from Vancouver to Seattle was gorgeous as the sun set. The flight out of Seattle was delayed because the flight crew was delayed, but it finally left at midnight and we managed to catch a couple of hours sleep. The flight from Dallas into Miami had to abort the landing… at only 265 metres above the ground… because a plane had failed to take off on our runway. But then we got the scenic tour of downtown Miami as we looped around to redo the landing.

We finally got into Quito at 7 pm and took a taxi downtown to our hotel, the Hotel San Francisco de Quito. It’s located in the historical city centre which is a World Heritage Site. Quito is sort of grungy but the hotel is nice, although the security guard greeted us outside and let us in through the locked gate.

Tomorrow we’re up early, the people from the Bellavista Lodge are picking us up at 6:15 am to go out there for four days. Probably there’s no public internet access there so we will resume blogging when we get back here.

Bird species seen so far: 2 (unidentified gull at Miami airport, unidentified raptor on final approach to Miami airport).

Good night from Quito!

P.S. it’s warm here, 13° C, and not raining.

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