Pictures from Swakopmund

September 26 Swakopmund

Karakulia Weavers

Swakopmund beach

Swakopmund is on the coast so its vegetation isn’t quite as dry as what we had been seeing for the last several days. The beach is pleasant with beautiful white sand, but almost nobody swims in the ocean because of the cold current that flows up from the Antarctic.

German architecture

Swakopmund was originally settled by Germans around 1900. The town still has plenty of examples of their architecture, although Germany lost control of the colony after the First World War.

Karakulia Weavers

While we were in Swakopmund we visited the Karakulia Weavers store, which we had researched on the internet before leaving home. It is a cooperative that produces hand-woven rugs and wall hangings, from carding the raw wool through spinning and dyeing all the way to the finished product. We bought one of their rugs and had it shipped home.

Cape Fur Seals

After leaving Swakopmund we visited the colony of Cape Fur Seals at Cape Cross. There were several hundred of the seals, plus a few black-backed jackals lurking with the intent of taking an unguarded pup.

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